Information about the online admissions process, including the application site, is available on the Cratis D. Williams Graduate School web pages for prospective students. Review of applicants for admission in the fall will commence on December 15 and will continue until the incoming cohort is judged to be full.

Please note that the program is a dual-degree program. Thus, when beginning the online application process, an applicant must reply 'YES' to the question "Do you want to apply for more than one program?" in order to have the option of selecting the School Psychology program.

In lieu of submitting a "Personal Statement" essay, applicants should compose thoughtful answers to the questions noted in this questionnaire [DOCX]. When prompted to do so, you will copy and paste your response to each question into the text box provided (you will not upload the questionnaire document). NOTE: For each question, there is a 200-word limit.

December 15 is the deadline for applicants wishing to receive priority consideration for required admissions interviews. Admissions decisions will be made immediately after those interview dates. Thus, applicants submitting after the December 15 deadline are much less likely to be considered for admission.

Before completed applications can be reviewed by the School Psychology faculty, the Graduate School must review them and applicants' background checks first. It can take up to 2 weeks for the Graduate School to approve a completed application for review by the program faculty. (An application is not considered "completed" until all required documents are submitted by the applicant.) Therefore, applicants should make every effort to submit all required documents by December 15.

On-campus interviews are required for admission. (Only applicants who can document that they will be out of the country on our interview dates will be considered for virtual/online interviews.) Applicants for Fall 2020 will be invited to interview in mid-February, 2020.

All students admitted for the MA + SSP track begin their graduate enrollment in the fall semester. (The start date for SSP-only admittees varies.)

Appalachian State's Graduate Council has established the following minimum criteria for unconditional admission:

  • Incoming GPA of at least 3.0 + [for School Psychology] GRE Verbal and GRE Quantitative scores

-- OR --

  • Incoming GPA of at least 2.75 + [for School Psychology] GRE Verbal AND GRE Quantitative scores at or above the 25th percentile

Admittees who do not meet these criteria can only be admitted provisionally, with a recommendation from the program director. Provisionally admitted students cannot hold assistantships or scholarships during the first semester.