School Psychology facultyThe Master of Arts and Specialist in School Psychology program provides learning experiences that enable our students to become well-rounded, effective school psychologists who work in public schools and related settings. Our program prepares graduates to work with diverse populations in a variety of settings and to practice competently, ethically, and from a scientific perspective in the major domains of school psychology practice, including problem solving, consultation and training, psychoeduational assessment, prevention and intervention, home-school collaboration, and applied research. The program values diversity in the backgrounds and orientations of our students and faculty and actively fosters collegiality and collaboration among faculty and students.

The program has been NASP-Approved, under the auspices of the National Association of School Psychologists and NCATE/CAEP, since 1991. The program also is accredited by the NC Department of Public Instruction. We aspire to produce leaders in the field of school psychology who advocate for and facilitate positive change for the diverse children, families, and institutions they serve, by employing the best available scientific evidence; sound technological resources; effective, culturally informed interpersonal and collaborative skills; and the highest ethical standards. The program faculty includes five full-time members--Dr. Jim Deni, Dr. Jamie Fearrington, Dr. Sandy Gagnon, Dr. Lindsay Masland, and Dr. Pam Kidder-Ashley, Program Director--all of whom are active scholars with school-based experience. Because of the program's multidisciplinary nature, other faculty members within the Department and the University also contribute our students' training.

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Program Director
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